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Welcome to our reconstructed art project.

You will find here reconstructions of various works, including music, painting, literature and philosophy.

We do not aim at building up a comprehensive knowledge base. Instead, we only seek focused progress in enjoyment by pushing the limits of the "transitive closure" of knowledge. In order to nurture social cross-breeding of knowledge, this knowledge base provides some first agreed-upon layer of reconstruction.

The signal which could motivate you to read on is the recognition that your hobbies, the novelties which keep your desire for life awake are impenetrably random permutations of the same patterns, and that your enjoyment of life is aging in a circle of being constantly fed back with the same shit. If not, then you are either a happy idiot oblivious to this recycling, or an artist at heart with the kind of awareness that filters and guides the reconstructions of which this project is a social portal.

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